Saturday, 4 January 2014

Purple Holographic Waterfall

I recently picked up Barry M Blueberry and Prickly Pear as they are the perfect creamy ice cream colours for my spring palette (unfortunately minty green doesn't suit my skin tone so you won't be seeing much of that). I first decided to gradient them but should have put a coat of white then gradiented over that, as over the blue the purple came too close and the gradient did not show up on camera so I did a waterfall mani instead:
This mani did not want to photograph either! I have several very blurry shots and a few not quite so blurry photos.
I only used holo polishes for the waterfall in shade of grey, blue and purple I got this photo on my iPhone showing the effect this has.
I experienced terrible tip wear with this, overnight all of the tips were showing and I'll have to change it today. This may be because there were a few layers to this and because I forgot to wrap my tips although I would still expect better than one day wear without wrapped tips.
Waterfall is a really cool technique that was first thought up by Sammy over at The Nailasaurus and she has a tutorial on how to achieve it. It is pretty easy and looks great :)


  1. These look beautiful! I love the waterfall effect and it looks great with holo! Great purchases too, I am in love with the Barry M Gelly collection :) xx

  2. This looks great! The colours you've used for the waterfall look amazing! I have Barry M Blueberry too - it's such a nice blue! :)


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