Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Weekend in Cambridge and exciting news!

I had a fantastic weekend in Cambridge visiting my boyfriend and seeing all of my friends who are still there finishing off their degrees. I visited a lot of caf├ęs and thought I'd share my thoughts on them here for anyone who might fancy visiting Cambridge sometime soon and wants to know where the locals go. On Saturday morning I took Stuart out for a mid-morning snack at Pret a Manger, their croissants with ham, bacon, tomato and mozzarella are fantastic if you want a hot snack and they do a relatively cheap cup of coffee. They have also started doing a teriyaki salmon salad which is also amazing if you like Japanese food. Scary picture of me with no makeup here ;).
I had another snack at Eat, if you are visiting Cambridge I recommend going into Eat and going to the upstairs eating area to get a better view of Christ's College (my old college) and Lloyds Bank (well worth a trip in to look at the amazing Art Deco tiling). They also have free wifi.
In the afternoon I met two of my university friends for afternoon tea and cake at Afternoon Tease, a new cafe that has opened on King Street where they use lots of mismatched vintage crockery, have a great selection of teas and bake wonderful cakes. We also cooked together later and went to a quiz in college.
On Sunday Stuart and I started off the day at Bills with their Healthy breakfast board and a full English. If you order a tea you get this enormous pot which easily does four cups and the coffee is also really good.
 The breakfast board is exceptional and I would highly recommend it. You get granola, yoghurt, honey and these awesome fruit skewers. It all comes unmixed so you can have whichever ratio of yoghurt:honey:granola you like.
Bills gets very busy so be prepared to queue or book in advance- I have never queued for more than 15 minutes there though. If you like olives they have the juiciest green olives I've ever come across. Eventually Stuart will get fed up of me taking surprise photos of him but I quite like this one below of tea pouring :)
We then did some work in the library before having afternoon tea at Sticky Beaks. On Hobson Street Sticky Beaks is a gem of a cafe where the menu changes every day and everything is made fresh daily. We shared a walnut and mushroom frittata followed by lime and rose water crunch cake (my favourite).
Now for the exciting news; I have finally had a job offer from an amazing company! I start in a week and a half so there will be a little bit of upheaval as I move down to London and get started so although I do not plan to abandon my blog I do apologise if there are fewer posts than normal.

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  1. Congrats on your new job, that's awesome! Those coffees look amazing too!


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