Friday, 3 January 2014

The British High Street Bargain Duochrome

In the spirit of total honesty that I employ on this blog I have to admit that I saw this polish sometime in early December and completely bypassed it because it was really cheap and I thought it would be rubbish. However, I saw it again today and for the £1.99 price tag I thought I'd try it. This is Miss Sporty Metal Flip *EDIT* 040 Fiery Blaze, a purple to green through bronze duo chrome. The quality of this polish far surpasses the price and it reminds me of a very popular indie polish (although is by no means a duplicate).
This polish shifts between a khaki green and a maroony purple with a bronze colour in there too. It also has an exquisite shimmer. It was opaque in two coats and the brush is very nice- wide and flat like an OPI brush.
I am so impressed by how much colour shift there is in this polish and love the colours it displays. The purple is the main colour with the green showing at the edges and at more extreme angles.
If you are a little unsure about duo chromes or just can't face the high price tag and restock stress of getting the multiple indie duo chromes out there then give this one a try.


  1. Looks great, may have to give that a go!

  2. I have this, it is nice. If you have poundland, have a look in there, as I found 3 of the Revlon Chroma Chameleon polishes in there, they're really good over a black base. Still want the purple one from the collection though :) x

  3. Someone told me the Miss Sporty numbers are the ones in a box - so for example, I have 030 (which is Aurora Borealis) and 040 (Beetle Wings). I think the four digit number is something different, as both of my bottles have the same four digit number.


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