Monday, 27 January 2014

Farewell Pocket Money Polishes

The sad news from this weekend is that Charlie is retiring Pocket Money Polishes to move forward with other parts of her life. I love my collection of glitter toppers from her and will treasure them all the more now. I thought I'd do a little mani to show off two of mine.
The background gradient here is Sinful Colours Cinderella to Blue by You, this also has an added change from pink shimmer to green shimmer which would not photograph!
The two PMPs are Firework and Yellow Submarine. I love Yellow Submarine the most :)
And mattified, gradients always look good mattified. Farewell Pocket Money Polish, you will be missed.


  1. What a shame she wont be making any more glitters, this is beautiful! I guess it must take a lot of time to make polishes that are this beautiful. I really like it with the matte topcoat :) xx

  2. I absolutely love it...but i adore it matte!
    It looks amazing!

    Can you please check on my blog and tell me what you think?


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