Saturday, 11 January 2014

Sinful Colours Let's Talk

The second Sinful Colours polish that I picked up is Let's Talk, a gorgeous purple polish which almost has an inner glow. My camera did not like the colour of this polish and was picking up a totally different colour so I changed the settings to get a more realistic interpretation of the colour, which means that I have very yellow skin in the photo.
It is just beautiful- and I don't really wear purple polish so that's saying something. This is two coats. Again, find a Sinful Colours stand and see if there are any that catch your attention- you can get 6 of these for the price of one OPI polish (Uk prices) and by my experience you won't be disappointed. On Monday I'll have some gorgeous thermal polish nail art to show you.


  1. I also have it, its such a wonderful saturated colour and that lit from within look. I had problems trying to take pictures of it too, but its certainly worth seeking out as is most of the SC line

  2. I love this colour! :)

  3. This colour is so nice, it's such a unique purple! :)


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