Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Day 31: Recreate your favourite by someone else OMD Challenge

For the last day of the OMD Challenge I decided to combine two of the Polish Alcoholic's designs, her neon saran wrap mani and her black and white mani. I love how this turned out and so many people have complimented me on it :).
I used a base of white and then used cling film to dab on various neons. It is so much more neon than in this picture, especially the coral.
I then used my Barry M Black nail art pen to draw on the black lines trying not to let it turn into a pattern.
My housemate said that this looks like stained glass on your nails and it kind of does :)
Check out everyone else's recreate manis here.


  1. Love this! I contemplated the polish alcoholic's too. The lines in this design are so cool!

    1. Thank you :), when I was narrowing it down I was torn between these two and just decided to jam them together. I was also considering your fashion and floral designs which are both stunning :)


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