Monday, 22 July 2013

Day 22: Animal Themed OMD Challenge

I struggled to decided what animal print to do, I settled on this neon leopard print extravaganza.
The base for this is OPI Bubblebath, the neons involved are Barry M Superdrug Limited Edition Green, Orly: Blue Collar, Holla, Hook Up and Hottie, the black in the leopard print is A England Bridal Veil.
Bubblebath makes your nails look so healthy, it's quite hard to tell that I'm wearing a base polish at all. I feel that the leopard print is a little small, next time I would make my dots a little bigger.
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  1. very pretty! i love the neon leopard

  2. Love that you used neons! :)

  3. Aah this is SO pretty :)
    I loved that you used neon and that you have your nails peeking through :)


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