Monday, 15 July 2013

Day 15: Hearts OMD Challenge

For the hearts challenge I got out one of my polishes which I have only shown you briefly before in this mani. The polish is Essie's The Girls Are Out, a beautiful deep pink shade. I am not a natural hearts person so I went for these understated tops of hearts which I saw on Globe and Nail. The black polish is A England's Bridal Veil.
Here is The Girls are Out alone, isn't she beautiful :).
This mani was made using a hole re-inforcement sticker cut in half, each half stuck on to form a bump of pink at the bottom of the nail and then painting the black on top as shown below. Bridal Veil is a one coater which is perfect for this mani as you just put on your coat and peel off the stickers immediately (you can also wait until your polish is completely dry but who has time for that)

I'm loving the contrast between the black and the pink with these :)
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  1. What a cool different take on hearts! :)


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