Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Day16: Ruffian OMD and Tri-polish Challenge

Today is a double challenge, day sixteen of the Oh Mon Dieu Challenge and the first day of the July Tri-polish Challenge. The tri-polish colours for this month are blue, blue and green. I have chosen NYC Ink Stain and High Line Green, and Essie Rock the Boat. I decided to challenge myself and do a ruffian manicure which is new to me. I lay down a base coat of Rock the Boat then sponged High Line Green onto the left side and Ink Stain onto the right side of each nail. I then used My Vampire is Buff (I'm pretending this is a proper white for the sakes of the tri polish) to cover most of each nail, leaving the area just above the cuticle clear so that the underneath colours are visible.
I love this apart from that the green has pulled up some of the nails, next time I would wait longer for the base colours to dry before painting on the ruffian.
This is what the base looked like before I painted on the ruffian. I quite like this alone as an abstract sort of design.
This is a really classy nail art design, perfect for wearing a pop of colour with a neutral topper if you need more subtle nails for an occasion but aren't willing to sacrifice your colour.
Check out everyone else's ruffian/half moon manicures here and look at all the other tri polish manis below :).


  1. Its lovely and creative, only noticed that the green color bled after you told so otherwise it looks so blended with the design............. :)

  2. I love it before MVIB! :) Very cool looking!

  3. I love it as the ruffian. So creative :)


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