Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Monkey See Monkey Do with Snowflakes

I think everyone in the blogging community who stamps has this design from Moyou but I really couldn't resist using it over Colors by Llarowe Monkey See, Monkey Do an amazing blue glitter with full linear holo- this polish is literally the most glittery thing I've ever put on my nails!
I got the Moyou plate with the smaller designs (Festive 06-I think) because otherwise I struggle to fit the patterns on my nail bed. This combination of colours is just perfect and the holo just adds a little magic :). I stamped with my Konad White.
Monkey See Monkey Do is so complex- some holo polishes look really boring in grey light but not MSMD, it just glitters away as you can see in these two pictures.
I only own two Colors by Llarowe polishes but they have both been excellent and there are definitely a few more I would love to get my hands on (or on my hands) when I have a little bit more money.
This has been a very heavily winter themed week! I promise no more snowflakes at least until Monday ;)


  1. Ooo I've never really thought about llarowe, this polish may have changed that Haha! love the seasonal wintery look you've created with it too :).

  2. This design is so cute! It looks great with the holo base too! :)

  3. Argh, I need one of the MoYou festive plates! These look so perfect, I love the look of the stamping over the holo!


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