Thursday, 12 December 2013

Ethereal Lacquer Swatches

I had somewhat of an Ethereal Lacquer splurge the other week, buying three that I really liked the finish of. I love this jelly finish with holographic flecks in it. Two of these are exclusive to the UK store Rainbow Connection.
Boxing Day
Boxing day has a purple base, it is opaque in two coats but dries to a slightly satin finish so you need a glossy top coat to add the shine which brings out the holographic glitter in this to its best effect.
I didn't manage to capture the sparkle in this polish but I will be trying again when I next wear it.
Oracle is a teal jelly with teal micro glitters and some holo flecks. This is two coats and it is amazing! Bright and interesting- a lovely finish.
I have saved my favourite of the three for last, Wassail is a deep pink holo jelly. Again two coats with a top coat for shine work perfectly.
Ethereal Lacquer is one of my favourite indie polish brands, they have some gorgeous colours and effects and I love all six that I have from them.

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