Sunday, 5 May 2013

Hidden holographic tape mani

I decided to do a taping manicure over my Topshop holographic polish Moondance. I went for something very simple, just three diagonal lines but this looks really classy and makes your nails look longer.

 The top polish for this is the fantastic Tristam by A England which has its own holo shimmer (it shimmers red) and the polishes really compliment each other. I left my ring finger alone to keep the full holographic effect.
And then on my right hand I did a similar thing but in different colours and with only two lines (my nails on my right hand are shorter).
So this is Topshop Mermaid under Deborah Lippmann Hit me with your best shot. I don't really like Mermaid very much but I love Hit me with your best shot. So there we go- the amazing combination of Moondance and Tristam and the not so amazing combination of Mermaid and HMWYBS. 

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