Tuesday, 21 May 2013

My first tricolour challenge!

I recently joined the Crumpet's Nail Tarts and have decided to participate in the tricolour challenge. The idea of the tricolour challenge is that you pick three polishes in three specified colours and then do four manis using these polishes and you can also use black, white, silver, gold and clear based glitter. 
The colours for May are grey, blue and red. This is a great colour combination- I wouldn't normally wear red and blue together but grey acts as a sort of buffer. The polishes I chose are Mavala Berlin (grey), NYC Water Street Blue and Nails Inc Hampstead Heath (red). I decided to start with a multi coloured leopard print:

I think this works quite well although I am worried that the blue I've chosen is too close to the grey. It looks more obviously blue in real life. 
Leopard print is so easy yet effective, the black is Barry M.

Making four designs with the same colours which don't become a bit samey will be challenging but I'm up for it :). Check out the others via the inkzlink. My next mani for this challenge will be a fish braid.

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  1. These turned out very cute and the grey is a lovely shade, I may need that.

    1. Thank you :). A friend bought me the polish and although it's not a colour I would normally choose for myself I use it surprisingly frequently.


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