Friday, 17 May 2013

Forgotten Friday-Picture Frame Stamping

Introducing a new feature on my blog- Forgotten Friday. The purpose of forgotten friday is to use some of my older polishes which I haven't used for a while, the only rule is that I can't have posted about the 'forgotten' polish for a month. Today's polish is No. 7 Sing the blues.

Now that I've done one stamping mani I wanted to do more. I put my back up dark blue polish on which is No. 7 Sing the Blues (my fav. NYC Ink Stain is at home :( because my Mum wanted it). I didn't really have a plan for this mani I just went with my inspiration- I put Lush Lacquer Seas the moment as an accent on my ring finger and then stamped on these empty picture frames with NYC Magic Earth from their new foil explosion collection (this is my first time using it but foil polishes tend to stamp well). This had an insane amount of shrinkage away from my cuticles overnight before I took the photos so I cleaned up the weird thin remnant and it just looks like I wanted an enormous cuticle gap which actually makes my fingers look longer (I have teensy tiny hands)

Seas the moment is a fantastic glitter topper, the perfect combination of blue, green and white. The NYC polish looks like a pale silvery green in the bottle but has a khaki lean in the stamping and looks almost goldy in the photos.

The original plan was to stamp over this with another image but the picture frames image was busier than I was expecting and it would have been too much to add another image so I left it as it is. I am quite enjoying my slightly odd picture frame mani.

Whilst I was looking through my plates I also discovered that I have a plate with owls on it- owls!!! I did a really quick stamping on my right hand of the owls and have decided to show it to you in a short video through the medium of Vine this is OPI My vampire is buff and NYC Enchanting Fire.

I like Vine, I'm going to try to use it more as a way to present all aspects of a mani in a very quick way.
And a quick still also.
The stamping was not fantastic on my little and index fingers- not sure if I was doing something wrong or if the plate is damaged. I will try another day. I love the colour of this NYC polish, it works perfectly with my vampire is buff.

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