Friday, 10 May 2013

Happy Hands B for Butterflies and Am I not yours?

My two new Happy Hands polishes arrived today. B for Butterflies from the Spring collection and Am I not yours? from the Faint of Heart collection. I wish with both of these that I had put one coat of glitter over a base as the more layers of polish I put on the more lumpy it became. B for Butterflies was particularly bad for this. But having said this I really like the idea of the polish and there were no problems with getting the larger pieces of glitter onto the nail, no dabbing required. So these swatches are not totally smooth but they are still gorgeous. So here is B for Butterflies:

So it's a beautiful sky blue colour with pink and purple glitter, butterflies and flowers.

Next up is Am I Not Yours? This is a sea of glitter in a forest green sheer base. I love it so much and can't wait to use it again. Green is my absolute favourite colour (I think because it remind me of nature) and the different shades of green and yellows included in this make it stand out.
Again i think this would be much better over a solid base colour with just one or two coats (I will use barry M Racing Green as it's the closest green colour that I own.) The best part of this is the yellow glitter and the pale green satin squares.

In these close ups you can see the nail line but in person it wasn't visible. I'll do another post with this layered over green. I have yet to be disappointed by a Happy Hands polish and I look forward to receiving my Happy Revolution collaboration polishes soon :)

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