Thursday, 30 May 2013

Fourth May Tricolour Challenge

I know I said I was going to do a striping mani and I did but it came out so unappealing that I did another mani instead. So here we have a gradient with stamping. I don't think that I've actually done stamping over a gradient before but I definitely will be doing it again, it looks amazing. Lets just pretend that I intended the houndstooth on my little finger to be on the other diagonal rather than it being a mishap of stamping.

I have a new stamper and I've not quite gotten to grips with it yet and again I missed the tips of my nails so there are some touch ups with my trusty Barry M black nail art pen and annoyingly my top coat smudged the stamping (particularly on my ring finger) but this was a high input mani, gradient and stamping, so I left it alone. 
Amusingly my sponge started disintegrating as I was stamping so I had to pull bits of it off my nails with tweezers. This is the first time in this months tri colour that I've felt that my nails have a bit of a patriotic bend possibly because I didn't put any polish on my nails before sponging so the grey is a little paler.
And just to round off the May tri polish challenge I have a picture of all four of my manis: leopard print, fishtail, clouds and houndstooth. 
Fishtail and clouds were a fairly popular theme among everyone as were gradients. There have been some pretty stunning manis and check out every one else's final manis via the inkslinkz.


  1. Wonderful gradient! I think this design is my favourite uot of the four for this month, I just love houndstooth pattern. Well done Emma!

    1. Thank you :), I think it was my favourite as well.

  2. I love these!! That gradient is fab <3

  3. I love this! The gradient is amazing! :)

  4. I really think these are really pretty. You did a great job.


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