Friday, 3 May 2013

Emily de Molly and Norway Nails

I found a nail store I hadn't heard of before called Norway Nails and they had a few beauties I'd been hankering after in stock. In particular they have piCture pOlish Revolution the base designed to make taking glitter off easy which is sold out everywhere! I also bought two polishes by Emily de Molly; Abstract Canvas (also sold out in most stores) and Majestic Flight. I was so excited by these two polishes that I did it again and put one on each hand. The polish was dispatched within a couple of hours (on a Saturday!) and arrived by Tuesday. It came beautifully wrapped in a black gift bag with a ribbon andI also got a free sample of OPI AvoJuice hand and body lotion which is amazing! So here is my haul:
As soon as I saw Majestic Flight I fell in love. It's a sheer turquoise polish with lime, green, copper, blue and purple glitter and I'm fairly certain that there's some shimmer in there as well. It looks amazing in the bottle, it looks amazing on the nail and it is opaque in three thin coats which is what I'm about to show you.
It's this beautiful light colour in bright light and goes a darker colour in shade. My friend looked at it on my nails and said it looked really deep, like there were a lot of layers and you could just dive into it.
The shade colour and showing off some of the glitter colours. The copper glitter makes this polish giving it a contrasting pop of colour.
And a macro bottle shot to finish off my raving about this polish. Now onto Abstract Canvas which I really wanted for the enormous black circular glitter. I've read a lot of reviews of this polish and it seems to work the best over a very neutral nail so I used a base of OPI My Vampire is Buff followed by a single coat of AC and top coat. The glitter is dense enough that you get this level of coverage with one coat.
This polish is so intriguing and eye catching. My friend (same one as before) called these Dalmatian nails. I was slightly turned off this polish because I had to fish around a lot to get the big black circles out and in the end after I got one on my index and middle fingers I gave up however, now that I know this can be a problem I'll just store it upside down and make sure I roll it around before I use it to spread the glitters through the polish. 

I love the contrast between the overwhelming black glitter and the tiny coloured ones. I'm not sure that my nails resemble an abstract painting but they do look fabulous. 

I used this opportunity to try out Revolution and once I take these polishes off I will update this post with the ins and outs of Revolution. I put on two coats and it did make taking the polish off easier certainly with Majestic flight but Abstract Canvas was still pretty stubborn. I haven't compared using Revolution vs using a regular base coat yet so I will try that out sometime and let you know.

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