Thursday, 16 May 2013

Stamped clouds

Last week I showed you clouds made with the polish brush, today I am showing you stamped clouds. I was playing around with glitter over black the other day and ended up wearing A England's Bridal Veil (more about this on Monday) under two coats of Jessica Platinum Wishes. This combination looks great and in fact looks very much like Butter London's The Black Knight only with red glitter instead of pink. I was reading The Canadian Nail Fanatic's blog and I realised that I haven't done any stamping in a really long time and hers was so awesome that I was inspired. Stamping is of course the holy grail of nail art- quick, easy and incredibly detailed but does take practice to get right.

I used Bundle Monster plate 312 to get the clouds image. I love this image it's just perfect with the clouds and the wind. I stamped with Nail Girls Gold a beautiful gold foil polish which is perfect for stamping on black (notoriously difficult using non-foil, non-konad polishes).

Unfortunately this image represents the weather we're having at the moment and I was unable to get sun images of my nails. However to make up for this I did take a short video of my nails to show you the different glitter colours in Platinum Wishes, I predominantly see blue, green and red.

And once I had taken enough shiny pictures I decided to mattify the look and take some more pictures of that.

The thing I love most about matte top coat is that if you don't like the finish you can just re top coat it and no one ever has to know, not that that was necessary for this as it looked stunning matte.
I'm not sure where the white stuff on my little finger came from- I think it might be in my matte top coat which is a little worrying.
I'm so glad I was prompted into doing some more stamping because this came out so well :). Some new things have been appearing on the blog like the new pages at the top so you can now see my wishlist and my current polish collection in a google spreadsheet. The worrying part of compiling this spreadsheet was the realisation that I now own over a hundred bottles of nail polish- oops.

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