Monday, 20 May 2013

MSMD- Nailside Double V

There's something very sexual about black nail polish, as opposed to red which is the traditional sexy nail polish colour, black suggests that you have an edgy side and even better than plain black is a black with a slight holographic flash. I am talking about Bridal Veil by A England, not the colour you wold expect from that polish name but as it's meant to signify the veil worn by the princess sent to be sacrificed to the dragon in the tale of St. George it does make sense. I have a couple of other polishes in "The Legend" collection; Ascalon and St. George and they are both beautiful. Therefore I was unsurprised when I put on Bridal Veil and it was the perfect black, incredibly pigmented and also with a silver shimmer in the shade and a slight holographic scattering in the sunlight. I never wear plain polish because there are so many nail art options to try and I saw this Double V design by Jane at Nailside and decided to copy it. I have made one tiny change- which is that I haven't done the final gold triangle, I wanted this look to be about the black so the gold is only being used to outline black triangles.

This is also my first time doing Monkey See Monkey Do (MSMD) Mondays with the Crumpet's Nail Tarts where you take inspiration from something making sure to link back to the original. With so many fantastic bloggers and ideas out there it is a great way to get inspiration and try out looks.

The other thing about black is that it shows every error- at your cuticle line, in the shape of your nails, if the nail art goes wrong and it is a nightmare to clean up. Whilst I was doing this mani if I got black anywhere I didn't want it I cleaned it up immediately and I was really careful with my tape placement and peeling during the nail art.

This next photo shows you the totally different finish that Bridal Veil has inside, it looks much more like a black creme polish.
This look is so understated and classy. I can imagine fashionistas everywhere wearing this look to spice up the nude and floral dresses of the season.

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