Saturday, 4 May 2013

Taylor Blue- Paint it Forward

I saw the Taylor's Gift Campaign on another blog (I don't recall whose) and loved the colour and loved the bravery of this family. I believe fully in Organ Donation and am on the Organ Donor Register myself. So this is OPI Taylor Blue with an accent nail of Topshop Moondance and L'Oreal Confettis.

I want to say something deep like that the black and white polish represents the despair and hope that go along with organ donation.

I hope this campaign makes more people choose to be organ donors- it really is the gift of life. There's more information about becoming a donor in America on the Taylor's Gift Website and you can find out more here about the UK procedure. Also you should watch Seven Pounds with Will Smith or Return to me. I actually have another manicure with Taylor Blue coming up- the most beautiful gradient I have ever done- so check back for that.

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