Sunday, 8 September 2013

31DC Metallic Nails

I was a little stuck for things to do for metallic nails so I pulled out one of my untried glitters. This is Pocket Money Polishes Heart of Glass which has shards of pink and silver glitter in it. I decided to pair this with another one of my untrieds- Crows Toes Minion and some heart nail art. I am absolutely in love with this nail art.
I started with a base of Crows Toes Minion, which is epic by the way! It's a purple to deep teal shifting duochrome with flakies in it. This is two coats:
I then used the polish brush of A England Rose Bower to create two intersecting curves on the nail then did the same slightly further up with Nails Inc Motcomb Street before sponging on Pocket Money Polishes Heart of Glass.
I love that the red frames the top of the heart, Rose Bower is the perfect colour, opaque in a single coat and with a slight holographic flash. Heart of Glass is amazing, the shards are flat on the nail and big enough for it to be obvious that the glitter pieces are irregular. Let me know if you like this as much as I do :). For a bit of whimsy here's a tower I made with all of my Pocket Money Polishes
Tomorrow is Rainbow themed  :)


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