Wednesday, 11 September 2013

31DC Polka Dots

I love challenges! I love when you push yourself to do something a little unusual because 40 other people are doing the same prompt and you come up with something like this:
This is so not me; it's bright pink but also subtle because of the nude base.
This manicure started off with two coats of Deborah Lippmann Prelude to a Kiss. I then used a striping brush to add the shapes in Emily de Molly Where Boys Fear to Tread. I picked this up on a sale site on facebook and it's not one I would have bought new but I do love it, it's so holographic and the colour is a gorgeous bright fuchsia. I used my striping brush to add pink dots with Where boys fear to tread and OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls then for the finishing touch added the dots in black with my Barry M nail art pen. The following photo is deliberately blurred to show off the holographic nature of the polish.
This is one of those "I'm not really sure where it was going when I started but I love where it ended up" nail art designs. You can do this too, just stick to a really simple colour palette (I chose pink and ran with it) and try to keep your lines curvy because that way they look much more organic than if there are sharp corners.
I feel like my skills with my nail art brushes are getting better and I'm really pleased with the content I've been making for this challenge and I hope you've been enjoying it too :)


  1. I like these and your nail shape is making me green eyed! I recently broke mine, and miss the length. Still they are just nails, they will grow :)

    1. Thank you :), I hate it when you break one nail and then have to cut all the other perfectly good ones down, hope they grow quickly

  2. This is cute n Pretty n different :-)

  3. This is just stunningly fab! I love it's like waves with polka dots or dots in waves...the pink shimmer is really pretty used in this design!


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