Tuesday, 17 September 2013

31DC Glitter

For my glitter mani I used a couple of my untried polishes in this design. This is three coats of Dollish Polish I Survived The Fire Swamp a gorgeous flame red jelly polish with red glitter in it. I then topped it with a single coat of Pocket Money Polishes Sunshine which has red, yellow, orange and gold glitter in it.
I stamped with my Moyou Sailor 04 plate and NYC Full Metal Jacket with this fabulous fan pattern. Here is the glitter combination alone, what you can't see in this combination are the glitters in the Dollish which are quite subtle in the red jelly base and the red glitters in Sunshine, but don't they look amazing together.
I'm having a bit of a jelly polish moment right now, I love the options of making jelly sandwiches and I've just ordered a few of the Nails inc ones on sale.
This is a very different colour scheme than what I normally wear so it catches my eye a little more than normal and I really like that :).


I read all comments and greatly enjoy hearing your thoughts on my manicures :)