Thursday, 10 October 2013

Tara's Talons Clowning Around with hand placed glitter

Tara's Talons Clowning Around is another polish in my Autumn colour palette and it is a spectacular polish to put on if you only have time for a single polish with no nail art. I used three coats below. I love the varied colours and sizes of glitter in the polish which give it a really unique look.
I wore this polish alone for a day and then added a hand placed glitter nail. I haven't done hand placed glitter for ages but I love the effect you get with it. I started with the middle stripe and then worked outwards from there.
I used two coats of topcoat over the glitter to seal it in (although I still picked off a couple of pieces over the course of an evening).
Unfortunately my middle nail broke while I was doing some heavy lifting so tomorrow I will be debuting rounded/almond nails for the first time on the blog in my Indian design. This pots is also part of UK Indie Month which you can see through the inkslinks below.


  1. beautiful work xo I can never hand place glitter cus i have no patience for that..........

    1. It does take a bit of time- Id on't think I'd ever do a full placed manicure but I love the look you get with a single accent nail


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