Sunday, 31 March 2013

First post- Planetary bodies

So I have decided to start a nail blog- not because I think I have much to add to the multitude of nail blogs that already exist but so that I have a place to store my nail art photos and hopefully look back at my progress as I continue to improve (I hope). I will start with my first original nail art idea. I did half moon nails last week and absolutely loved them and I've been fancying galaxy themed nails so my brain came up with this idea- half moons where the lower part of the nail is a planet:
So, Earth, Mercury, Saturn, Pluto (not strictly a planet) and Neptune
Earth was definitely the most complex planet to portray
I used a multitude of different polishes for this and a combination of stickers (for the half moon), sponging and free handing.
Two days into wearing this look I added a matt top coat to change things around
So a list of nail polishes
I am currently using Save the nail toughen up basecoat and Mavala minute quick finish top coat.
I used Barry M Black for the tips of all nails with some NYC Lights-Camera-Glitter dabbed on for stars (this is one of my favourite glitters to put over designs because it's fairly sparse and less than £3!)
Thumb: NYC Water Street Blue and High Line Green and Jessica Goddess
Index finger: Nails Inc. Hampstead Heath, Barry M Tangerine and Bourjois Sunny Sun
Middle finger: Revlon brilliant strength in Tantalise, NYC High Line Green. The ring of the planet is a mixture of Tantalise, Goddess and Nails Inc. Maida Vale
Ring finger: OPI Moonraker and Goddess
Little finger: Essie Beach Bum Blu and Goddess

I am a final year student at Cambridge University in the Zoology department and with my exams coming up in May I have a lot of work to do this week, luckily I have a few of my previous nail art attempts to post throughout the week- if I can manage not to take this manicure off.

By the way if you found this blog and liked my nails I'd love to hear from you :)


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