Monday, 1 April 2013

The Bells of St. John- Doctor Who?

Doctor who started again on Saturday (30/3/13) with Matt Smith and Jenna Louise Coleman as the new companion. The episode was fantastic- bringing back some of the humour of the older series which was lacking a little bit in the last series. To celebrate the return of one of my all time favourite TV series I thought I'd paint my nails with a doctor who theme :).

My Doctor Who nails
My thumb is the TARDIS- freehanded using a small paintbrush. I was considering doing the weeping angel's hands but I really can't draw hands at all so I went for a rather abstract version of a wing instead on my little finger. I added interest to the dalek by using beads as the 'eggs' on its body. The ladder to the clouds didn't come off as well as I was hoping it would I think I needed to use a thinner brush.
From left to right: a weeping angel wing, a dalek, bow ties are cool and a ladder to the stars per the Xmas episode
The main thing that this taught me was that I am definitely capable of being creative and drawing simple objects and that it's really hard to see designs if you use a dark base colour. The TARDIS and the bow tie are my favourites of this mani- the bow tie looks quite textured. 

I'm definitely not the first person to do Doctor Who themed nails but I didn't refer to anyone else's when coming up with the ideas for this hence not linking any other pictures in. The name bow ties are cool actually comes from a pair of socks I knitted.
Bowties are cool socks
You can sort of see the little bow ties in the weave.

So what nail polishes did I use?
Thumb: Barry M black and indigo and Elegant touch white
Index finger: NYC ink stain, Jessica Goddess, Mavala berlin and Nail Girls bronze
Middle finger: Nails Inc. Hampstead heath, Goddess and black
Ring finger:Nail Girls bronze and gold and Mua nail constellation beads
Little finger: Barry M racing green with Goddess, Black and Berlin

I used both Mavala Matte top coat and one minute quick finish top coat.

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