Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Essie Dive Bar

I hope that when Essie named Dive Bar they were thinking of a load of scuba instructors hanging around on a caribbean beach at the end of the day- looking at the darkening ocean, rather than a dodgy pub. It's a dark turquoise with green and purple shimmer although you only catch the purple very occasionally.

Essie Dive Bar
This went on very easily from the bottle and required two coats to be even. I love it- definitely having a dark nail polish moment with this, Hit me with your best shot and Dorian Gray.
You get an idea of the slight purple shimmer in this photo.
You can see the shimmer of the polish here
I really like this polish- it's dark without being black and I absolutely love the jewel green tone of it. It's definitely unique in my collection.

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