Sunday, 21 April 2013

Confetti Nails

So I did do some nail art over Tristam and I decided to do a pastel polka dot gradient following this tutorial from Chalkboard nails. And it looks great, it sort of reminds me of wedding confetti :)

It looks like someone's just opened a whole bag of confetti and is pouring it all over my nails- I think the pastels make me think of weddings. This would be an evening beach wedding with lots of paper lanterns everywhere- the confetti falling lit only by the lanterns and starlight.

I used NYC Raindrop and Lavender cupcake to create the dots with a hair grip end and a toothpick for the small dots (I have ordered a set of dotting tools but they haven't arrived yet.)

After a day wearing this I knew I would be keeping it on for a while- and that some of my friends would be requesting it- my Mum actually already asked me to do this on her :)

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