Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Ink Stain Water Marbling

So I said yesterday that I was going to be water marbling today and I am pleased to report success!!! I just did this over my lavender flowers manicure because I am lazy ;) and you can see it coming through on my index finger. I actually only used two colours for the marbling but it looks like I used three or four. 
Ink Stain Water marbling

Ink Stain Water marbling

My middle finger did not look like it had that huge circle at the tip in real life

I used NYC Ink stain and Revlon Hypnotise alternating dots and then just poked the toothpick around a bit- wiping it off (on my hands-mistake) in between lines. I taped off my fingers and I love the look of the tape when it comes out with all the marbling on. My water marbling needs more practice but it's so time consuming and messy.

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