Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Checked nails

I was inspired by a page in Elle Collections magazine for these nails: It's a wall in the Marc Jacobs exhibition at the Louvre but I really liked that the red squares didn't touch in the corners so I decided to replicate it on my nails- easy enough with striping tape.
Here's the inspiration

And here are the nails

I love this photo it came out sort of vintagey
The base for these nails is Elegant Touch White and the Red is Nails Inc Hampstead Heath. The only thing I dislike about this is that with small squares it just reminds me of tablecloths that you get in greasy spoons... I think if I did this again I would imply much larger squares which went off the nail. Or do it in a different colour but I really wanted to stick with the inspiration pictures. I taped off the squares with a grid of striping tape and painted the red into alternate squares with a small paint brush.

One final picture

These are certainly eye catching- my gaze is continually drawn to my fingers and the red on white is quite striking. If I were ever to replicate this I think I would use black and gold for a less table clothy look. My maths friends really like this- mostly because of the geometry I think.

Plus- exciting news- I have ordered a shed load of indie polishes from Harlow and Co. because I wanted to get the free shipping. I cannot wait for them to come they will definitely brighten up my revision period.

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