Thursday, 18 April 2013

Lime Cooler

I was buying some polishes online and happened to see the Jessica Summer Collection for 2013 and there was one polish I had to buy which was Lime cooler.
Lime Cooler- Jessica
It's a sort of pastel lime green and goes on beautifully in two coats (which is what you're seeing- with no top coat). It doesn't wash out my skin colour and make me look strange. Forget mint green, this is the pastel green to wear this spring. I love it!

It's so glossy even without top coat
It's definitely not the cheapest nail polish out there at £8 per bottle on but given that it's a really unique colour and has great formula I don't care.

I think you'll be seeing this polish a lot in the coming weeks and I have a fishtail with this and OPI Can't find my Czechbook coming up later.

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