Thursday, 25 April 2013

Indie Glitters

I received my package from Harlow and Co. and it contained my first mainly glitter indie polishes. I was so excited that I couldn't wait to try them all separately and have combined them into a multiple glitter mani. For this mani I have used my base of OPI My vampire is buff from yesterday. The post is picture heavy because I really wanted to show you how awesome these polishes are.

The macro shots of the glitters I'm using today, from left to right: Happy Hand's Motherboy, Lush Lacquer's Seas the moment and Girly Bits' Eight crazy nights

And here's how they looked on my nails

Seas the moment on my thumb and little finger, Motherboy on my ring and index and Eight crazy nights in the middle
The glitters actually look suprisingly good spread fairly thinly over a pale base. Maybe each day this week I'll add a little bit more building up to full coverage, or not. I think Motherboy would work better on a slightly darker base to make the pastels show up a little better however, I am in love with the pastel glitter it looks fabulous and is a real change from normal glitter polishes. It was very hard to capture on camera the magic of this polish. I would love to pair this with NYC Lavender Cupcake for a very subtle spring mani.

My favourite thing about Seas the moment are the tiny green circular pieces which add some texture to the finish (in terms of how it looks not actual texture) and stand out occasionally when they catch the light. The matt white glitter pieces also look great on My vampire is buff as they are just different enough to stand out from the base. I had to fish around a little bit to get the large blue squares out but it was totally worthwhile.

Eight crazy nights is different to the other polishes as it has some holo specks in it and these stand out compared to the mostly matt finish of the other two glitters. It gives a lovely glimmer to the nail and really catches the light. I would love to try this over a navy/ royal blue polish like NYC Ink Stain for a really subtle but glittery mani (unfortunately that post will have to wait as my mum currently has my bottle of Ink Stain.

I have probably rambled enough so I will leave you with this final photo which definitely shows off all three the best. So there we have it my first dive into the world of indie glitters was a complete success. I have a couple more to show you but they will have to wait until I am ready to take this gorgeous combination off.

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