Saturday, 20 April 2013

What can I tell you about Tristam?

Well I can tell you that I love it! I really wanted to take a bottle shot of this but my camera and light source were not cooperating. This is Tristam by A England and it is divine. Divine I tell you. So enough talk- here she is:

Tristam showing off her holo side

The dark side of Tristam
I was just going to use it as a base for some polka dot nail art and in the end I actually couldn't paint over it- I couldn't decide on anything to do that would not just hide the beauty of Tristam. Although I might change my mind tomorrow ;)

I love the side view.
This is two coats of Tristam and a coat of Seche Vite my new best friend. This is my first attempt with Seche Vite- I was getting so frustrated with my old top coat because I am quite active and type a lot and my nail polish was just chipping like nobody's business. Vite has lasted impeccably and I am very impressed :).

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