Monday, 8 April 2013

My first ever, ever nail art- and an explanation of why I polish my nails

So warning: this photo is from a year ago when I was a veteran nail biter. Oh my goodness- I looked back at this today for the first time in a year and it is terrible! I'd never quite noticed how scratty my nails looked- probably because I was so used to them being  like that.
So this is from a year ago

And this is from yesterday
What a difference a year makes! Being a nail polish addict has cured my nail biting habit- I always use strengthening base coat to try and prevent peeling and breakages and I have now invested in a cuticle oil and creme to help with my nail health.
I plan to do a water marble tomorrow- hopefully the gods will be smiling on me and the polish will spread out so that I can be successful.

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