Monday, 29 April 2013


The only Lac Attack polish from the Magical Musings collection that I could get hold of was Durmstrang. I was really excited to try it and on principle I like it. I like the shimmery bright blue colour and I like the randomly shaped black matt glitter. I don't like that some of the glitter pieces stick up off the nail as this makes me almost certain that I will have picked this off by tomorrow lunchtime. In future if I wear it I will be on standby with tweezers during application to pick off any curly glitters. The coloured base is fairly sheer so I layered one layer of Durmstrang over NYC Water street blue.

So as you can see it is a really unique and interesting polish. The shimmer is really quite pronounced- even in poor light indoors the polish really sparkles. I can't seem to find any information on why this particular colour combination was chosen for Durmstrang, I don't think it's what I would have picked to represent the all boys school with dark leanings. Maybe I'm too much of a HP fanatic but this colour just screams Beauxbatons at me and I can't reconcile it with Durmstrang in my head. I think I will only use this colour very sparsely in future but it is cool to have a part of such a popular indie collection.

This polish looks superb in daylight, it almost glows from your nails. I'm not entirely decided about this, I think I will have to wear it again to decide whether I truly like it or not.

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