Friday, 5 April 2013

Liquid sand- Get your number

So when the OPI Mariah Carey Liquid Sand collection came out it was interesting enough that I bought the 4 mini set. I live in the UK and OPI is very expensive (£11.50 per bottle about $17) but if you buy the minis you get to try 4 polishes for £13. I tried them out straight away and was really impressed by the sparkle and colour intensity however I couldn't take the texture on my fingers- it annoyed me so much! It was really unfortunate because I desperately wanted to like these polishes. Eventually though I came up with the perfect solution- wear it on my toes.
OPI Liquid Sand Get your number
The colour is exquisite, it is incredibly hardwearing (these pictures were taken 3 days after application and I normally chip polish in a couple of days) and it reaches this intensity after 2 coats. And the best thing is that it makes my toes look amazing! My feet are not my best feature- I've had ingrown nails, falling off nails; all sorts but you would never know from this picture. 
This is to show some of the green and red holo you actually get on the nail
Now after a weeks wear there's not even a single chip on my toes- I'll almost certainly buy one of the Bond girls collection when they arrive in the UK, this is a love affair to last.

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