Thursday, 4 April 2013

Boadicea Queen of the Britons

I love ancient and Medieval history especially the strong warrior figures in the past of Britain. Boadicea was a warrior queen of the British Iceni tribe who fought against Roman troops around AD 60. She is most famous today for using blue body paint on her troops to scare the Romans. I was inspired by this painting to do nail art over my A England St. George swatches. I used various motifs from the painting on my nails:
Boadicea inspired nails
I wanted to add in blue as if it were war paint on my little finger
My ring and index fingers were inspired by the beading on the headdress  
I wanted to include the strong image of her eye on my middle finger as if looking out over the field of battle
My thumb was also inspired by her headdress
I wanted to stick to a strong colour scheme- green, gold and blue. Green to represent the natural landscape of Britain, gold because it is the colour of power and blue for the woad war paint. I used, A England St. George as the base on all nails and then Revlon brilliant strength hypnotise for the gold, Revlon tantalise for the paler green seen on my thumb and NYC water street blue. I used Elegant touch white and Barry M black to do the eye.

I love the designs on my thumb and my index and ring fingers- I will probably do a full mani with these strings of dots again sometime.

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