Thursday, 11 April 2013

New Barry M nail art pens

When I saw these being reviewed by other blogs I knew I would have to have them so when they came out yesterday I got my hands on three of them- white black and silver. I was out in Cambridge with my parents (they just dropped me off for my final term) and couldn't wait to try them out so I did this in Pret a Manger over my current nail art. I love it- so easy to use!
Barry M Nail art pen in white over A England Tristam and Ascalon

Barry M nail art pen

Macro view
It's so bold and it sort of has a tribal vibe without me even aiming for that :). These are a fantastic addition to my tool kit.

I got a load of post today (because I've been sending things to my college address) so I wanted to show you what came :)

Namely a bundle monster set of 25 plates, 3 Barry M pens, A UV top coat, a glow in the dark topcoat, a nail art brush, Orly Fowl Play, A England Dorian Gray and two Konad polishes (I know they're not necessary but I've been struggling to find a black quite as bold so I decided to just buy the one rather than wasting money on ones that might not work- my Barry M one is so watery it's untrue). Luckily now I am back in college I have a lot of other people's nails to work on so I won't have to take nail polish off mine millions of times to do all the things I want to do .

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