Monday, 22 April 2013

Swirly Stamping

I was in a rush before a dance practice (I do Dancesport- competitive ballroom and latin dancing) and didn't want to go out with plain nails so I decided to do a bit of stamping- quick and easy. I put on A England St. George for the base and then stamped with Nail Girls gold- a fantastic gold foil- when this runs out I will definitely replace it even if I only use it for stamping.

I stamped using Bundle Monster plate no. 320. I love it- it reminds me of the swirls you can get with water marbling but without having to do any water marbling :). 

I decided to do them facing each other just to give it a little bit less of a samey samey look. The stamping wasn't perfect but I managed to fill in the missing parts with the brush from the polish :). This look is very unusual and I think shows off both polishes very well- and green and gold is of course a fabulous combination. 

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