Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Queen of England Gradient Nails

I saw Essie It's Genius in Boots and I couldn't leave it behind- I try to only buy expensive nail polish if I'm certain I can't get something similar in a cheaper brand and as soon as I saw this one I knew I wouldn't be able to. It's a gorgeous deep rose pink with gold shimmery flecks. Hence the decision to gradient it with OPI Tomorrow never dies and No 7 Stay Perfect Hot to trot. And I love the results:
You can see It's genius looking gorgeous in its bottle. This pic is more true to the colour of Tomorrow never dies (purple)
So here's the thing I really suck at gradient nails- I just get lines of different colours across my nails without much gradient. I also get nail polish all over my fingers. But I love the effect and it's so simple to do- when I do my friend's nails I usually revert to gradients or stamping as they are fairly unusual if people aren't really into nail art and are very hard to get wrong.
I just wish I'd managed to fade the gold a little better than I did.

When I decided to do a gradient I was going to stamp over it as well but this design is perfect just as it is- it makes me think of queens and roman emperors. I think if Queen Victoria had worn nail art she would have chosen something with these colours. I did look a bit high maintenance for the gym though ;)

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