Friday, 19 April 2013

Lime and Blue Fishtail

Pretty much straight after I had taken my pink fishtail off I decided to do another, simpler one in green and blue. I used my base coat of Jessica Lime Cooler from the swatch I did and added the fishtail in OPI Can't find my Czechbook. It looks divine:
Lime and blue fishtail
The original plan was to add OPI My vampire is buff to this as the third colour but I thought it was enough as it is.

The green and the blue compliment each other perfectly and the OPI is opaque enough to only need one coat so it doesn't have a really thick part at the end of the nail.

This looks cute but in quite a grown up way if that makes any sense at all. I actually did this design onto both hands (it worked really well when I was using my non dominant left hand because it's quite a simple shape to make) and plan to wear it for at least a couple of days because it is so awesome! I was better practised this time so I didn't make quite so much of a mess on the sides of my fingers and clean up was much quicker. 

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