Friday, 5 April 2013

And the moonbeams...

When I ordered St. George from A England And the moonbeams was on offer so I bought it. It struck me as an overcoat sort of polish so I decided to swatch it on its own and over 4 different colours
And the moonbeams
So there are three coats of And the moon beams alone over my middle finger- there was still visible nail line after this when the nail was shaded. My index finger is one coat over A England St. George, ring finger is over NYC ink stain, little finger over 17 fast finish garnet.
And the moonbeams over NYC Lavender cupcake
 I absolutely loved the combination on my thumb and little finger.
Although this polish is packed with glitter it doesn't need a top coat to be smooth and also comes off the nail as if it were a creme which was a real surprise- I was expecting to have to fight it. I have since ordered another two A England polishes- Tristram (the April polish of the month) and Ascalon and I can't wait for them to arrive!

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