Thursday, 4 April 2013

St. George

I having been fancying an Indie nail polish for a while and was quite disappointed to find that most of them are American and the shipping is very expensive to the UK. Until I discovered A England. I was immediately drawn to St. George a dark green polish with scattered holographic particles. It did not disappoint:
A England St. George
 This is one coat! It's completely opaque with no brush marks in one coat. Although the base is a very dark green it catches light very well and looks paler. It reminds me of being in pine plantations looking up through the dark green to catch a glimmer of light
A England St. George
And as And the moonbeams... was on special offer I bought that one too. The monthly offer is amazing and I have to admit that I keep checking the website to see what polish will be on offer in April- I'm hoping it will be Ascalon or Order of the Garter. I will be adding swatches of And the moonbeams when I can make myself take my Boadicea manicure off!

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