Wednesday, 10 April 2013

A saint's golden eye in the moonlight

A long title but I really wanted to use the titles of all these polishes. After water marbling yesterday I just wanted something simple so I went for a glitter gradient- classy and elegant.

In bright daylight (the sun was hiding)

Indoor light

A down the nail shot
So I learnt how to do this from this tutorial. I love this style of manicure because it makes a plain polish more interesting whilst still allowing it to shine through. The base here is A England St. George and the glitter is a combination of A England And the moonbeams and OPI Goldeneye. I then mattified this because who doesn't love matt glitter?
And I like it even more when it's matt although unfortunately my index finger had chipped by the time I did this (I went to the spa- this is what a lot of hot water will do to nail polish). The matt really helps show the glitter gradient. It makes the concentrated area of glitter at the bottom look like solid gold as well. I used Mavala matt top coat for this- I wasn't expecting to like this when I first bought it but I prefer it to shiny now on almost all manicures (apart from red which looks better glossy).

 I have previously done this mani in navy and silver and will be recreating that look for the blog sometime this month.

Also- look what came in the post today:

A England's Ascalon and Tristam- I'm very excited. I really want to see if Ascalon keeps it's lilac duotone on the nail. and Tristam just looks like a fantastic blue. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to paint these on as but I'm toying with a stripe mani.

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