Friday, 26 April 2013

OPI You're such a Budapest

It's official: I'm in love with the OPI Euro Centrale Collection. I guess this collection resonates for me because I went interailing around many of these cities after my first year at Uni and had an awesome time. Budapest in Hungary was an amazing city with beautiful architecture and excellent food. I have included three photos from my time there to give you a feeling of the place. Now to the main point of this post, to show you OPI's You're such a Budapest, a dusty pale purple. It took three coats to achieve opacity and sadly the shimmer visible in the bottle doesn't transfer across to the nail.

And now my first picture of Budapest. The current city is made where two cities that were on opposite sides of the river Danube merged together. There is a fantastic complex of old buildings on Castle Hill in what used to be Buda including the amazing fairytale castle style turrets of the Fisherman's bastion.

The Fisherman's bastion

I actually really like this colour and I can imagine using it a lot in the future. I'm imagining rows of pastel flowers on my nails, clouds with a twist, cocktail glasses and all sorts of exciting things.

Looking across the river from Buda to Pest you can see the enormous Houses of Parliament. If you're thinking that they look familiar that's probably because they are modelled on the British Houses of Parliament just on a much larger scale and with a dome.
The Houses of Parliament- modelled on the British one
I don't really understand the link that this polish colour has to Budapest but it is beautiful. We celebrated my friend's 19th birthday in Budapest and it was an amazing night, we made cocktails filled with chopped up fruit and Polish vodka and had a fantastic time.

One of the fantastic features of Eastern Europe are the tiles, everything you can possibly imagine is tiled in fantastic colourful combinations. It's a pleasure just to wander around the streets because every other house looks like a study in ceramic.
Tiled roof of a church

So there you have it a little post about nail polish and Hungary. I would strongly advise people to visit Eastern Europe there are so many fantastic cities and great countryside. It is also really interesting to learn about the history of these countries.

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