Sunday, 7 April 2013

Pink colour block

So this is what I'm wearing on my right hand to match the blue colour block on my left. My friend does this thing with socks where he wears ones which match geometrically but are different colours and I used that principle for this. So here they are:

Pink colorblock- not sure where the ridge on my middle finger is coming from- it's not there in real life

Thumb :)

Not quite as good as my left hand (I freehanded more of this because I have run out of topcoat and couldn't be bothered to wait until they were dry) and the two dark pinks were too close to each other in darkness to really make this effective.

Now a couple of weird photos to show you the two different coloured hands next to each other:

It's really hard to take photos of both hands alone- this was the best I could come up with and my camera was balanced on a teapot for this :)

So the polishes I used:
Essie It's genius, OPI Flashbulb fuchsia and The living daylights, Elegant touch pink and white (to go over dark colours to allow me to paint sheer pale pink over dark without using twenty coats)

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