Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Autumn spotty nails

I really enjoyed making these nails :) my boyfriend suggested I do some nail art using autumnal colours and I decided to go a little abstract and just do dots in the colours on a nude base.
The colours used here are Barry M Lychee, OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest, OPI A Woman's Prague-ative and NYC Money Never Sleeps. I used two sizes of dotting tool- just pressing a little more lightly if I wanted a smaller dot. I started by adding the large dots to the nail then filling in the spaces around them, ensuring that none of the dots touched each other. 
These nails are very fun and the fairly neutral colour palette makes it classy.
I really like these although I hadn't noticed until I saw these photos that one of my finger nails is longer than the others... I'll have to rectify that! The leaves on the trees outside my window have just started to change and my nails fit in really well :). I just thought I'd share one of my photos from a recent trip to the cambridge botanical garden. If you have a garden near you I highly recommend a trip now as all the leaves are changing and there are some gorgeous colour combinations.


  1. Dots are always the best!
    Lovely picture:)

  2. I love the colour combination you used here :) Very seasonal!

  3. I really love the colours you have used here! I wish I could get the hang of making random dotticures look this good, mine always turn into a bit of a mess =(


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