Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Cambridge Nails is busy

Hi all :). I have no challenge post for you today as I am away at an interview. I am in the middle of a very busy week attending three job interviews in a row and I am really hoping that one of these will become my future place of employment. Therefore research is taking up the time I normally dedicate to the blog and there will be no post tomorrow. I hope to be back on Friday resuming the 33 day challenge with Europe (hopefully my new moyou plate will have arrived). I've made my first ever video below where I explain a bit about what's going on.

To tide you over I thought I'd share some pictures of my halloweeen get up (and my bf's- I did his face paint) and some cinder toffee I made- it's the best sweet ever and so easy to make.
Sorry this pic is so blurry- it was taken at the end of the night... I was the spider queen and the one on my face had little nail studs for eyes that you unfortunately can't see. Stuart was a climber who had fallen off a cliff so I painted him on a black eye and the blood trails. At the start of the night his lips were pale blue as well but that wore off quite quickly...
This was super quick and a really effective halloween look (I think it took 10 mins to paint on).
This is cinder toffee it's a sugary treat which I've never come across anywhere but the north of England (apart from in the middle of Cruchies)... I used a recipe from A Thrifty Mrs to make this- it took 20 minutes from start to finish and as I cleaned off the pan immediately with boiling water it was also really easy to clean up after.
Best part is that this makes just about the right amount and I have some to carry around on this week's marathon interview run.


  1. Toffee looks yummy, good luck with the interviews :)

  2. ERMAGERD Emma!
    1. video wooots!
    2. You sound SO DIFFERENT girl!
    3. you're prolly embarrassed now…I should actually listen to what you're saying on it… Woot interviews good luck!
    4. Love your costumes- you guys look wicked!
    5. You home over xmas? Should totes meet up!
    6. Hugs from Glasgow ;) xxx


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