Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Nail Lacquer UK Queen B Swatch and Review

What a long title! Today I have one of Nail Lacquer UK's polishes to show you. Last week she released a few collections all at once but the one that drew my eye was the Royals collection featuring glitter mixes with gold leaf. However, AJ only released one bottle of each and by the time I got there there was only Queen B left (please make more AJ- I will buy a bottle of all of the other 3 if you do!). Also if you haven't noticed the blog has had a Christmassy facelift :)- I love it, please let me know what you think to it by leaving me a comment.
The gold leaf in this polish is just the right size and mixes perfectly with the glitters. The glitter payoff is also excellent with this being one carefully applied coat.
I decided to pair this with OPI Houston We Have A Polish a three coater purple jelly, this is actually the only polish I own that's anything like this berry colour and I really like it. I had to include the next photo even though it is a little blurry to show you the glitter that you get off this polish- just look at the index finger, stunning!
And because I can't leave you with a blurred photo- one more :)
 I love this polish and am so glad I managed to grab a bottle, if AJ makes any more I'll fight you for them ladies ;)


  1. I loved the look of these ones, but my heart was set on getting some of the Alice polishes because I loved the heart/spade shaped glitters! But I agree - if AJ makes more of these I would definitely be interested and would definitely fight you for them :-) ;-) xxx
    P.S this looks fab over the berry shade! X


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