Tuesday, 12 November 2013

NYC has new polishes in Superdrug

It's no secret that I love the NYC polishes, I use them all the time and most of my basic cream finish polishes are from them. I also have all of their foil polishes as they are amazing for stamping with (apart from the orange which is watery and disappointing). So as you can imagine I get quite excited when new ones appear in Superdrug which they have. These are part of the NYC Expert Last Range so £2.49 each and several new metallic finish polishes have popped up along with a couple of cream finishes. The ones I picked up are Grey Haze, Money never sleeps and A suitcase and a donut. From initial swatches on a bit of paper I think Grey Haze and Money Never Sleeps (the two metallic finish polishes) will show brush strokes but the colours are just incredible. A suitcase and a donut is almost a dead ringer for Ink stain but in a cream finish not a metallic one which I absolutely love. There were a few other additions, a metallic red, a black cream and a beautiful metallic pink called Blush. If Blush had been a creme I would have bought it immediately because the colour was amazing but I'm not sure about metallic pinks, it's a little bit too Barbie for me.

I also picked up a Maybelline Colour Show Brocade in Foil Flash- perfect for those wintery scenes we'll all be creating over the next few weeks and Barry M in Lychee because my bottle of OPI My Vampire is Buff has gone ridiculously thick and Lychee is a more affordable alternative.

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